Risk Board Year: Chairman

Hi! Since we started with the recruitment of the new Risk Board, we would like to provide you with some inside information on what it is like to be part of the Risk Board. This week I, Anna, will give an overview of a week in the life of the chairman. The coming months the other board members will also write something about their daily lifes in the board of Risk. We shall post an article for every function in the Board explaining what things you could encounter. Now I’ll show you an example of a week as Chairman of Risk.

After spending time with my friends in the weekend, a new week is about to start. On Monday morning I start by checking my e-mail and the calendar for the week. I make the agenda for the board meeting, which starts at half past nine. During the board meeting on Monday we always start with a personal update of the weekend, after which the official part starts and we discuss all the committees, upcoming events and other essential things.

After the board meeting it’s time for lunch! Every day we have lunch together. Lunch is always a lot of fun since we enjoy the company of board members of other associations and our active members.
After lunch, I’m going to Utrecht by train to have a meeting with the FAN (Financial Association of the Netherlands). Once a month a meeting is held with all the chairs of the Financial Study Associations of the Netherlands. During the meetings we discuss our upcoming events, exchange ideas and we advise each other.

After the meeting, it is time to go back to Groningen. My fellow board members are waiting for me to enjoy dinner with each other during the board evening. Because of the exams, we don’t have socials or events this evening and therefore we are relaxing with each other at home. Usually we have an event on Monday evening, for example the Risk Investor evenings, an IFP social, or any other social  or event of Risk. If Risk has nothing planned, most of the time we have a social or activity of other associations of our faculty, what we really enjoy going to.

My fellow board members are waiting for me to enjoy dinner with each other during the board evening.

On Tuesday morning I went to the market to buy groceries for the dinner I am having have with my roommates this evening. After that it’s time to go to Zernike again. At 10 AM I have a meeting with the London Banking Tour committee (one of the committees I supervise). This is a recap meeting of the event that took place in October and it was a huge success. We evaluate the event and discuss the last things to do. Then it is time for me to do some things in our office. For example I’ll check my e-mail and schedule, plan some appointments and check my ‘to-do list’.  It is nice to have these things done, so I won’t have to worry about it anymore.

1.00 PM: Time for lunch, yummie! Next up is a meeting with the Multinational Cycle committee. Their event will take place within 2 weeks, so it is important to wrap up the last things.
Furthermore, every Tuesday the International Financial Board has meetings. Since I’m supervisor of the IFP board, I join this meeting as well to be aware of the progress of their project, and to give them advice when needed.

At the end of the day it’s time for me to go home where my roommates are waiting for me. On Tuesday evenings we all come together and have dinner. These are evenings with them I really cherish. After dinner we watch a movie or have some drinks.

Wednesday, I begin my day with a meeting with the Student Assessor of the Faculty. We give each other updates on the progress of our businesses while enjoying a cup of coffee.  It is really nice to keep in contact with people of the faculty to keep informed about developments and their policy, goals etc.
After the meeting it’s time to head back to the office. There are always a lot of active members working at the Risk Offices. Besides doing my own work, I always make some time to get in touch with them and have a small chat. Moreover, being around is important to answer questions and help (active) members.

I always make some time to get in touch with them and have a small chat.

After lunch I’ve planned to do some things for our policy plan. Some goals of our policy are already achieved while others still need some work and time. For example, we changed the corporate design of Risk. Today I’m busy with a more background thing, namely figuring out the services for our association of our new mail provider (Google).
Besides, I started make a planning and documents with information for my successor.


Every Thursday morning, we have the second board meeting of the week. During these meetings we discuss our policy plans and its progress. Furthermore, it is an extra moment to discuss some necessary and urgent affairs.

After lunch, I attend the supervisory board meeting of Expedition Strategy. Expedition strategy is an in-house tour event for students who are interested in strategy consulting. The event is jointly organized by a foundation which is part of a few study associations, including Risk. Therefore, the chairman of the Risk Board is always in the Supervisory Board.

When I’m leaving the office for this day, I still have some time before dinner so I decide to go to the gym with some friends.


This morning, it’s time for the monthly meeting with the chairs of the other associations of the faculty; MARUG, TeMa, VESTING and the EBF. We discuss general faculty issues and we exchange our calendars and exchange information and tips.

In the afternoon, I have a feedback chat with some of my fellow board members where we discuss things like the progress of his/her personal development.

Afterwards, I take some time to organize the thesis event for the masters IFM and Finance. Together with the directors of these master programs I will take care of this event.
After a week of hard work and with a content feeling I return home for the weekend!

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Kind regards,

Anna Dantuma