Welcome Letter of the Chairman

Again a very warm welcome to our new Risk Magazine platform! Before I start my column I would like to thank the builder of this website and the Magazine Committee for making this new website possible.

Last week everyone started a new study year. During the summer holiday it was quite deserted around Zernike. At the Risk Offices however, there were a lot of active members working hard on organizing their activities. For example the Risk Conference Committee and the Risk International Financial Program Board stayed this summer in order to optimally prepare their events for the coming year. This year Risk had set itself the goal to develop a new corporate identity. During the summer the new identity was presented and implemented. This week you can see the result in practice during the Risk Promo Week in front of the Kapteynborg. Furthermore, during this week you have the opportunity to win awesome prizes by participating in one of the stunts. For more information about the Risk Promo Week, follow our Instagram and Facebook page.

Furthermore, we offer a great amount of activities for every financially interested student. This coming month we have a great range of activities with the Accountancy Week, the London Banking Tour and the Risk Trading Challenge.

While the Accountancy Week and the London Banking Tour already existed in our activity portfolio, the Risk Trading Challenge is a new Risk event. This event is open for both Dutch speaking as well as non-Dutch speaking students. It will kick off with a meeting where practical trading tips and tricks will be given. Besides, you will get a Bux account on which you will experience the world of trading for a span of two weeks. For the participants with the highest return there are several big prizes.

Last but not least, Risk is recruiting new committee members! Being part of a committee gives you the opportunity to develop yourself, meet new people and get into contact with potential employers and recruiters. We would love to give you more information about joining a Risk committee during a coffee date. To plan a date send an e-mail to bestuur@verenigingrisk.nl.

I wish all of you a good new academic year with a lot of success!