Welcome Letter from the Head Editor

Hello valued Risk Magazine reader! I am proud to welcome you to the new Risk Magazine website! We are happy to have this new format that replaces our previous publication Risk Magazine. The blog is aimed at giving you a more easily navigable and regular source of reading. These changes come in the form of a mobile version of the blog and weekly, instead of periodic, articles. In addition, we have started categorizing our posts. Here is a quick overview of what lies under each category:

  • Financial Insights – articles written by our editors
  • Interviews – discussions with working professionals
  • Columns – articles highlighting people related to Financial Study Association Risk
  • Academic Insights – pieces featuring a professor from University of Groningen
  • Testimonials – articles highlighting our sponsors

The new website is not the only change that occurred over the summer. This school year marks the beginning of my time as the new head editor of the Risk Blog. I have been an editor of Risk for the last two years and I am honored to join a list of great head editors that preceded me. I am proud to have taken on this role as we created and introduced this new blog. More importantly, I get to work alongside a talented group of editors. My colleagues include Deniz Guzel, Gert Jan Hobma, Marijne Nijenhuis, Xander Prijs, Thomas de Ruiter and Yordi de Vries. Together we are working to bring you writings about current events in the financial world from the unique perspective of students. A large goal of this new website is to highlight the hard work of our editors so please take time to visit our Editors page to learn more about them and read their previous writings.

This year you can expect more articles written by the committee than before, continuation of interviews with professors from University of Groningen on topics normally not discussed in depth during lecture and many more interviews with influential finance professionals. To keep up to date on our posts, you can find us on Facebook where we will share links to our new posts. Feel free to leave comments on there to let us know what you think or if you have ideas on how we can improve for the readers.

Last but not least I would like to thank the 2016-2017 Risk Board for making the new Risk Magazine possible! They made this project a main goal for their board year and took the time from their summers to help create the new website.

Enjoy reading Risk Magazine and have a pleasant school year!

Christopher Timmerman