Review: Multinational Cycle

Every year, a group of 25 Finance & Control students travels to the Randstad to visit several multinationals. Tuesday morning, November 15, was the first day of this years' edition. There were three multinationals on the program, and PostNL was the first firm we visited. After a warm welcome, we were challenged by a quiz about PostNL. One participant answered all questions correctly, resulting in being the winner of the one and only POSTI-ijzer. Afterwards, we made a financial case in small teams and were asked to pitch our ideas on how we would position Extra@Home, a delivery service of PostNL focused at large and heavy packages including its installation. After the case, we walked to a restaurant around the corner to have an informal dinner with the staff and recruitment team. However, the day had not yet ended, as we were invited to visit the packages distribution centre near Rotterdam. It was a real eye opener!

After a good night of sleep in the Golden Tulip Hotel in Haarlem, we were picked up by the private bus of Tata Steel. Once we had arrived at their site, we were welcomed by the recruiter and two (financial) trainees. They presented us all essential information on career and internship possibilities at Tata Steel. Then, we returned to the bus for a special tour around the enormous industrial site. We were not only able to get an impression of the size of the plant itself, but also experienced the extreme heat inside the factory necessary to process the steel. During the lunch there was enough room to speak to several employees of Tata Steel. Even the CFO of Tata Steel made time to join us for lunch.

The last company of the inhouse tour was Achmea. This insurance company had organized a packed program for us, which started with an explanation of how our insurance premium was determined. Next, as real insurers, we had to calculate and decide on whether to increase the premium for people driving a blue Volkswagen, while keeping the premium the same for people driving a white Volkswagen. Following, we were asked to discuss whether this would be ethically justified. Before having an informal dinner a so called ‘stampotten buffet’  with several trainees and employees, we got a tour throughout the whole building, giving us an impression of all the departments and people working at Achmea.

No matter what study phase the students were in, we are convinced these days were the perfect opportunity to get a better impression of the companies and get in contact with the recruiters. At least I can say on behalf of the Multinational Cycle Committee: we had an amazing week!

Written by the Multinational Committee