Risk Board Year: Secretary & Treasurer

Thomas de Ruiter - Secretary
After the kickoff article that was written by our Chairman Anna Dantuma, it is my turn to inform you about the week of a member of the Risk Board. My name is Thomas de Ruiter and until the beginning of March I fulfill the position of secretary within the Risk Board 2016-2017. Before I started with my board year, I have been an active member within Risk for a couple of months. However, I have to say that there is no need to be an active member first to become a board member at Risk, although it sure is a good first step. I organized the Accountancy Tour, which took place last May. Immediately after I was chosen to become an active member for Risk, I became enthusiastic about doing a board year. And after almost a year I can say that I am even more positive about this experience!

After a weekend with a lot of fun it is time to get back to work again. Before I go to Zernike, I have to buy the lunch for this day. Every day in the week someone has to do this and today it is my turn. When I arrive at the Risk Office I check my e-mails and then go to the kitchen for a large cup of coffee. This is something you definitely need when your first meeting of the week is about to start: the board meeting. After an informal beginning of the meeting when we tell each other about our weekends, we start the meeting. During this meeting we discuss the progress of the association. We do this by discussing about committees, events, the schedule for this week and other important things. As a secretary I make the minutes of the meeting and note personal deadlines. During every meeting we make appointments that must be succeeded the week afterwards.

After the meeting we gather at the interim table for lunch. During this lunch we see board members of other associations and have a chat with them. But after half an hour I have to go for another meeting: the International Financial Program. As a board member you have several committees for which you are responsible. This year the IFP will go to Cuba to conduct research for large companies. A very interesting committee to monitor because they do large research projects and they make a consultancy report which can have a lot of impact!

I finish the Monday by answering my e-mails and by updating the membership administration. After doing this I return with my fellow board members to the center of Groningen where we have our board evening. Every Monday we try to have dinner with each other, but that is not always possible since we organize or attend many activities on Mondays like the Investor & Accountancy Evenings of Risk, General Member Meetings of other associations or socials. This evening we don’t have anything scheduled so we have some spare time to relax with each other.

Besides monitoring the IFP Board, I am also responsible for the Dutch Banking Tour, Accountancy Week, Investor & Accountancy Evenings, the Risk Magazine and the Activities Committee. This day, Christopher (the editor in chief) and I scheduled a Magazine meeting. During this meeting we discuss the schedule, the subjects of the articles and who we would like to interview the upcoming semester. Every semester we pick someone with a lot of Risk experience, click here for our latest cover interview!

Today it is the first day of the month which means that the Risk Newsletter must be sent to all the Risk Members. The newsletter contains the most important information about the association, like upcoming events, the calendar, vacancies and other announcements.

As a secretary you are responsible to organize events for and  to maintain contact with the Risk Alumni. Coming Friday the second alumni activity will take place. This time we organize a social in Amsterdam and there will be around 60 former Risk Members. Today I contact the bar where the social will be held, to discuss the last details of the evening.

This morning we have the second board meeting of the week on the schedule. After we finish this I have a meeting with the Dutch Banking Tour Committee. This committee just started with their promotion for the tour. That means they are busy with handing out flyers and giving short lecture talks. As a secretary I support them by sending e-mails to Risk Members and to add the correct information on the website. Lastly, I take care of the enrollment forms.

It is already the last day of the week and this morning I am going to a lecture. Besides my board year, I try to participate in courses when I have any time left. This afternoon I will send the vacancy e-mail to all the Risk Member who are in their last phase of their studies. A few weeks ago Ivar, the commercial officer of the Risk Board, sent an e-mail to all the partners of Risk. In this e-mail he asked for their most relevant vacancies which they would like to give more awareness among students. In this way, we inform students with information that could be interesting for their career. Around 5 pm we leave Zernike and go to Amsterdam for the Alumni Social.

I hope to have given you some insight about my week. If you have any further questions, please contact me via secretaris@verenigingrisk.nl.

Querien Ornstein - Treasurer

As the end of our board year nears, we have started the search for our successors. This week, I will tell you something about my experience as the treasurer of Risk.

The question I have been asked the most during my board year, is what it is I do all day. So let me tell you what my week looks like, by giving you some insights in my agenda. Every Monday, we begin with a meeting to discuss the updates on all the committees we monitor. But before we discuss the serious points, we all share our stories about what happened in the weekend before. My responsibilities are, amongst others, the Risk Conference, the Accountancy Week and the Risk Investment Team. After the meeting, our personals tasks begin. Everyone is given some personal deadlines, which have to be completed the next week.

On Tuesday, I have a meeting with the chairman from the Risk Conference. The chairman is in this case also the treasurer for the committee. Together, we decide the right budgeted amount for all the costs. In the afternoon, we have meeting with the Accountancy Tour Committee. Every committee has two supervisors from the Risk Board; the Accountancy Tour falls under my supervision, together with Ivar. The meeting is interesting because this year, the tour will get a different program. In the meeting we discuss several possibilities and scenarios.

Since I am also in the position of vice-chairman, my responsibility is keeping up the relationship with the FVOG. Wednesday morning Anna and I have a meeting with the new chairman for the FVOG. We discuss our association and the accomplishments regarding to our policies. After we enjoyed a lunch with all our Active Members, we have organized special training for all of them. A skilled trainer is coming to the university to give us a training in acquisition. For me as a treasurer this is not necessarily the most important skill, it was however an interesting afternoon!

On Thursday, we have another Board Meeting. This time, we’ll discuss the progress regarding our policy. Since we are almost at the end of our year, many points have already been completed. In the afternoon, I have meeting with the Conference Committee. During this meeting, every Committee Member gives an update on the progress regarding their tasks. In such meetings, we offer advice to the committee, from our viewpoint.

Bills, bills, bills: On Friday, I am focusing on the financials. After a Risk Activity, I am responsible for sending invoices to our business partners. To do this successfully, I have to work closely together with Ivar, our external relations officer. At 17.00, we leave Zernike and I have dinner with my friends.

I hope to have given you some insight in my week as the treasurer of the Risk Board. Interested in doing a board year at Risk? For more information you can contact us at bestuur@verenigingrisk.nl.