Welcome Letter by the Chairman

Hi there! Welcome to the Risk Magazine. This week, it is my honor to write this year’s Welcoming Letter. My name is Annelien and I'm currently chairman of Risk. I hope you enjoyed your summer and are fully recharged for the new academic year. At Risk, we surely are!

Next year, Risk will celebrate her 6th ‘Lustrum’

While many of you were on holiday, the Risk Board and many Active Risk Members spend some time at the Zernike this summer, in order to prepare for the upcoming academic year. Next year, Risk will celebrate her 6th ‘Lustrum’. This means that the way our association is shaped today, has been a product of 30 years of hard work. In order to keep up with times, it is important that Risk keeps developing itself. One of the examples is the Risk Magazine you are reading right now! Its shape has changed quite a lot over the years; from hardcopy magazines, to a more (sustainable) modern online magazine like you are reading now!

Next to that, this year the Risk Career Day will be organized for the first time.

This year, Risk's focus point is on our offerings in Career support. That is why we will soon launch our Career Guide. In this guide you will learn more about career opportunities after your studies, next to all the career related support we already offer. Moreover, it will contain application tips and tricks. Next to that, this year the Risk Career Day will be organized for the first time. During this day students will be prepped for the application process, from writing a decent motivation letter to the actual interview! Finally, we also offer Career Consults. You can plan a meeting with Bart, our external relations. He will help you to figure out what you want to do after your studies or to do an internship.

Next to our new initiatives, there are also many renowned and yearly returning Risk events. The Risk Accountancy Week and London Banking Tour are coming up: Career Events you do not want to miss out on! The application deadline is Sunday the 16th of September, 23:59.

Becoming an Active Member at Risk offers you all!

Besides all the career related support we offer, we want to help you in developing your skills and of course offer you fun social activities. Becoming an Active Member at Risk offers you all! Active Members are students who are part of a Risk Committee and organize for example a Risk Event. In September, the Risk Board will be looking for new Active Members! Spots in several committees (Dutch Banking Tour, Accountancy Tour, Advisory Inhouse Days, Conference Day Organization, Magazine) will be open and give you the opportunity to develop yourself  next to your studies. In case you are interested, feel free to plan a coffee date so I can tell you more about it! You can contact me at chairman@riskgroningen.nl.

On behalf of the Risk Board, I wish you the best of luck with your studies and we hope to see you at our events. Besides that, you are always welcome at our office to grab a coffee with me or my fellow Board Members. At our office, you can always step by to get some free study material such as block notes, pens, markers and more! Therefore, do not hesitate to step by at 5414.0040!