Risk Board Year: International Financial Program

Hi, could you please introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Cateau Roos, and I am a member of the International Financial Program Board of 2019. Since we recently started the recruitment of the new IFP board, we would like to provide you with an overview of what it is like to be part of the IFP board. 

During an IFP Board Year, you develop skills within many different aspects: sales, research,
consultancy and cultural differences.

We will travel to Tanzania in April, to conduct research for five multinational companies. The IFP board consists of five people, a chairman, PR and logistics and three external relations of which one also is treasurer. My function in the board is External Relations, the main tasks for this function are the acquisition of the companies.

Why do a board year?

  • Work together with a group of like-minded and motivated students
  • Personal development on many different levels. This year we have received trainings from PwC, Bain&Company and Tacstone. Besides, we also had some seminars about language and culture of Tanzania. Lastly, the three professors accompanying IFP have been inspiring on both a professional and personal level.
  • Gain practical experience, by conducting research for MNCs in an emerging economy.
  • Choosing a destination with your fellow board members, together with the Board of Recommendation. 
  • After choosing a country, you will work hard to acquire the participating companies. This starts before the summer, only with the board members. Last year we have also been for a teambuilding weekend during the summer months! The selected participants will join in September.
  • An IFP board year is part time, it therefore enables you to combine it with your study. I spent approximately 24 hours per week on IFP, but it varies per period.

Why IFP?

  • Gain skills related to doing research, consultancy and international experience all in one year.
  • Meet many new people! Not only your fellow IFP researchers, but also within Risk!
  • Leave in block 2.2 and finish the program before the start of summer holidays.
  • Select 16 participants to join you on the journey to a new emerging economy every year.
  • The social events! Every other week we had drinks in cafe ‘De Doos’ with the entire IFP group. Besides the IFP ‘socials’, Risk organises many events throughout the year.
  • After the 2.5 week research period, you also have 2.5 weeks to spend on travelling!

Organising the International Financial Program together with your fellow board members and 16 researchers is an amazing experience, and an enrichment of your student life. You will gain experience in the field of sales, consultancy, research and bring this al into practice in this year’s destination Tanzania.

Do you want to organize the IFP 2020? Apply before Sunday the 17th of March here! If you have any questions about IFP and doing a board year, do not hesitate to contact us. More information is available on our website or LinkedIn