Introduction: IFP Board 2019-2020

Hi everyone! In this week’s magazine’s article, we would like to introduce ourselves to all Risk members. One month ago we officially started as the new IFP board 2019-2020. We are all very excited for the upcoming year and are currently busy with brainstorming for this year’s destination. On the 13th of May we will announce the destination of IFP 2020 during the Risk Social in 't Vaatje and we hope to see all of you there!

Eline Groen – Chairman

Hello everyone! My name is Eline Groen, I am 20 years old and I am currently finishing my Bachelor International Business. During my studies, I realized that I wanted to develop myself further and gain additional experience on a professional level. IFP is a great opportunity to get in touch with several companies and expand your network, also on an international level. Besides that, as a member of the board, you are free to choose your own destination which seemed really cool to me. Another thing that really attracted me is the social part, since IFP enables you to meet new people where you closely work together with. I cannot wait for the participants to join IFP!

After several coffee dates and a chat with the previous chairman Jasper, I got determined to apply for this year’s board. I was very glad to hear that I would be announced as the chairman of the IFP Board 2019-2020. So far, it has been a great decision! Together with my great fellow board members, I’m more than sure that this year is going to be a great one!

Nik Stinesen – Treasurer & External Relations

Hi everyone, my name is Nik Stinesen and I am 21 years old. Currently, I am finishing my bachelor International Business with an additional minor in Finance. During this minor, I got interested in Risk because of the financial aspect. I decided to apply for the Dutch Banking Tour Committee, which I did with a lot of pleasure. Consequently, I wanted to become even more involved with Risk, because of the great social aspect and various activities.

IFP is a great opportunity to further develop my skills and broaden my (international) network. Being able to set up the entire project with your fellow board members seems like a challenging experience for me. After I spoke to several previous IFP board members who were all extremely enthusiastic, I was convinced to apply for the IFP board. Now, I am very happy to fulfill the role as Treasurer & External Relations of the IFP board 2019-2020. Together with my fellow board members and all participants joining us later, I am sure this will be an amazing year.

Lisan Kropmans – External Relations

Hi everyone! My name is Lisan Kropmans and I am 21 years old. Currently I am doing my pre-masters in Business Administration, specialization in Management Accounting and Control. After finishing my bachelor in Human Resource and Business Management at the Saxion Hogeschool I wanted to develop myself more in business and financial related aspects. Since I moved to Groningen last September I immediately got in touch with Risk. For me this was an ultimate chance to meet new people and gain experience on a professional level. Therefore, Risk offers a good opportunity to create a great network which can be really helpful for my future career. After doing the Advisory Inhouse Day Committee I wanted to stay an active member at Risk and decided to apply for the board of IFP.

Getting in touch with companies in the Netherlands but also in the international field is what I like about IFP. Becoming a member of the board gives you the opportunity to set up the IFP in the way you like it the most, according to the country and the research projects. What really attracted me is forming a close group with the researchers. Working together on a professional basis and having fun together during the social drinks throughout the weeks. When I got called a week after my application, I was very happy to hear that I was chosen as one of the external relations of the IFP board 2019-2020. Together with my fellow board members I am looking forward to what IFP is going to bring me, but I am sure this year will be a great one!

David ten Bolscher – External Relations

My name is David ten Bolscher, I am 21 years old and I study the Bachelor of Economics and Business Economics. After my foreign minor, which I did in Surabaya, Indonesia, I moved to a new house where my new roommate was a board member of IFP 2019. Jaimy told me about the IFP program and I was interested in it right away.

The combination of being trained to do a research project and actually going out there to do it and travel afterwards makes me very happy to fulfill the role of External Relations in the IFP Board of 2019-2020. The program has so many interesting stages that follow up on each other that will give me more experience and will help me further develop my skills. I am looking forward to the upcoming year!

Robert Schippers – PR & Logistics

Hi everyone! My name is Robert Schippers and I will be PR & Logistics of the International Financial Program 2019-2020! I am 22 years old and currently following the Master Finance and the Master Real Estate. After studying for some time in Groningen, and the professional life creeping up on me, I decided this would be the perfect time to become an active member of Risk and develop myself on a professional level.

I chose IFP as it allows me to gain international experience, learn vital skills and meet a lot of new interesting people! Furthermore, as members of the IFP board, we have the possibility to choose the destination of the trip, something that I think is great. After getting ‘the call’ from Lotte van de Worp, I was very happy to hear that I would be part of this year’s IFP board. We are just getting started, but I can already tell that this year is going to be a good year! If you want to know more about IFP, feel welcome to join us during the Risk Social on the 13th of May, when we announce this year’s destination!