The Art of Acquisition

Three weeks ago we received an acquisition training from the company called Overstagh BV. This company is specialized in making initial contact between firms for potential business deals. With their experience, there was no doubt that we were able to learn some useful acquisition skills! 

Friday morning, we took off to Amsterdam by train and after a long ride we arrived at the station. In typical Dutch style we took the bike towards the lunch room called ‘Brasserie Paardenburg’ where the event took place. Upon arrival, we met the three men who provided the training. After a glass of water and a cup of coffee, they kicked off the training with a presentation about negotiation skills and tips for how to convince companies to take part in the project. After a session of preparing for difficulties that could arise during the phone calls, it was time for the real deal. One of the supervisors, Ivo, did some live action by calling firms that may be interesting for us. He showed us how effective it can be to establish a personal relationship with your conversation partner. He taught us the importance of combining spontaneity and nonchalance. To end the day on an even better note, we went on a boat through the canals of Amstelveen while enjoying some cold beers and glasses of wine. 

After safely returning back to the high North, we got the chance to put our newfound skills to practice. With fresh courage, we headed to our office at the Interim to start making the first calls. Soon after, the first successes were achieved and multiple groups took the car for the first meetings at potential partners. At this moment, we are trying to expand our network in order to find more partnerships. For the upcoming weeks, we hope to keep up the good work and celebrate more successes. 

Next week, our group will be spending a weekend together at an unknown location for team building. So far there is no doubt that this weekend is going to be unforgettable!