Introduction of the Lustrum Committee

This year Risk celebrates its 30th anniversary and therefore we will organize the sixth Lustrum! The theme of this Lustrum is Limitless: Beyond the Bubble. At the end of November, we will host a week full of formal and informal events for all (active) members, alumni and other stakeholders of Risk. We have been the Lustrum Committee since February and have made great progress since then. Therefore, we are also very excited that the full program was released during last week’s Beginning of the Year Party. The program is the following:

  • 22nd of November: Alumni Activity
  • 25th of November: Limitless: The Grand Opening
  • 27th of November: Lustrum Talks & Recruitment/General Dinner
  • 28th of November: Active Members Activity
  • 29th of November: The Grand Finale: Turn Off the Lights.

In this article, we will briefly introduce all the committee members.

Lars van Grol – Chairman

Hi everyone! My name is Lars van Grol. I am 23 years old and I am currently writing my thesis for the master Finance. Before my master's, I finished the bachelor International Business with additional minor Finance here in Groningen. I got to know Risk through friends, but it wasn’t until last year when I participated with the Controlling Tour that I actually decided to join a committee. When I heard about the Lustrum Committee from the old board, it only took one cup of coffee before I applied. And so far, I have no regrets at all! The thing that I enjoy the most is the freedom that we have in organizing the whole week. It is challenging at the same time, but I am confident that the events will be interesting and most importantly a lot of fun! I am also happy that we have great mix of people within the committee and that we can get along really well. Committee nights and socials are always a lot of fun ;)

Marije van der Meer – Treasurer

Hi there! I’m Marije, 21 years old and treasurer of the Lustrum committee. Currently, I’m doing my bachelor in Business Administration, specialization in Accountancy & Controlling. Before I joined the Lustrum committee, I was in the activity committee. That is when I first met Risk and I wanted to join other committees too! The things I learn in committees are helpful for my career. For instance, getting in touch with companies and work together in a team. Next to this, I like going to Aclo and spend time with friends. The Lustrum week contains, of course, a lot of activities. The one I’m looking forward to the most is the alumni activity because I like meeting new people, especially people who are working already. They all have been active members at Risk and can tell you a lot about how Risk was those days and what their jobs are today. I hope to see you all in the Lustrum week!

Joram Pieltjes – Events

Hi fellow Risk members! My name is Joram Pieltjes and I am 21 years old. I started my Master Accountancy in September, after finishing my Bachelor’s in Accountancy and Controlling before the summer break. I joined Risk because I was interested in organizing events with a committee and to meet with fellow students from different studies. I think I had learned a lot from my previous committee experiences, especially the acquisition of companies for our events. This is really useful for organizing the Lustrum because we have to contact a lot of companies for collaboration. Before I joined the Risk Lustrum Committee, I was part of the RAC and the IAE. I am a Risk member for more than three years now, so it is nice to be part of the Lustrum Committee this year. I wanted to join the Risk Lustrum Committee to be part of a committee with more responsibilities. Next to that, it is a special committee, because we have a Lustrum only once in every five years. I am really looking forward to our Lustrum and I hope to see you all in November!

Hilde Nieuwland - Events

Hi everyone! My name is Hilde Nieuwland and I am 23 years old. This year, I am finishing my master’s degrees in International Financial Management and International Business and Management. Before this, I finished the Bachelor International Business. I joined Risk two years ago when I was organizing the Risk Conference of 2018. I joined Risk because I wanted to obtain some more practical experience in organizing events and the acquisition of companies. I wanted to be part of the Lustrum committee because it is such a special event which is only happening once every 5 years. Next to that, it is a great mix of formal and informal activities. I am really looking forward to the Risk Lustrum week in which we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Risk. We will have a lot of fun activities this week and I hope to see you all there!

Robin Schenkelaars - Events

Hi there! My name is Robin Schenkelaars and I am 22 years old. This year, I started with my master’s degree in Finance. I joined Risk last year when I was responsible for the organization of the Dutch Banking Tour. I liked becoming part of a committee of Risk so much that I decided to join two committees at the beginning of this year. Next to the Risk Lustrum Committee I became the chairman of the London Banking Tour. I am responsible for contacting companies and all the things related to our promotion activities. I wanted to be part of the Risk Lustrum Committee because it gives me the chance of organizing a week full of different formal and informal activities. Next to that, I think it is great to be part of the Lustrum Committee because I already did some committees and due to that I know Risk very well. I hope to see you all during the lustrum week, so we can celebrate the sixth lustrum of Risk all together!