Doing a Board Year at Risk: Secretary & Treasurer

Other functions: Doing a Board Year at Risk: Vice Chairman, External Relations & Internal Relations

Hi guys, could you please introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Demi and I am 21 years old. My position within the Risk Board is that of Secretary, which I really like. Currently, I am combining the masters Finance and Economics. After my board year I will continue with my final courses and start writing my thesis in September. Before my board year, I helped organize the Risk Conference as Catering & Logistics and studied abroad in Hong Kong for a semester.

Hello, my name is Bernhard and I am 22 years old. Currently, I am the Treasurer of the Risk Board. This year I have finished my bachelor’s degree Economics and Business Economics and now I am busy with the Master Finance. After my board year I would like to finish my master as soon as possible and do a Master thesis internship at a company.

How did you find out about the possibility of doing a board year at Risk?

Demi: As mentioned, I was part of the Conference Day Organization Committee before my board year. During this committee I had a chat with previous board members, who were all very enthusiastic about their year. My main motivation to join the Risk Board was that I wanted to develop myself outside my studies and expand my network further. Furthermore, I wanted to learn more about career opportunities while visiting companies and joining all kind of Risk Events. 

Bernhard: Last year, I was also organizing the Risk Conference. It was the first time I got in touch with Risk and I really liked the study association. I learned a lot and got in touch with companies while organizing the Risk Conference. Therefore, I decided to apply for a board year to get in touch with even more companies and learning more professional skills. The board year was an opportunity to get to know more about what kind of different areas I can work after my Master Finance. After some coffees I got excited and convinced that I would like to do a board year and applied. I can say that the board year has helped me to know what I would like to do after my Master Finance.

What do you like most about your board year so far?

Demi: The combination of formal and informal is what I like the most about doing a board year at a study association. During the day, you work together with your fellow board members at the office, but there are also many social activities where you go together. Next to that, I have been able to experience some great events and got to know really nice people. Also the Alumni Events stood out to me, because they can tell you more about the working life and possibilities after your studies. 

Bernhard: The amount of new people that you meet during your board year and the other boards that are working at the “interim”. Joining a lot of events and parties of Risk and the other associations, I have made a lot of new friends. Besides that, accompanying the committees during the Risk London Banking Tour and the Risk Controlling tour. It is an amazing feeling to walk through London visiting all kinds of big investment banks. The feeling of organizing such events together with the committee is great, interesting and gives a lot of energy.

What does your functions exactly entail?

Demi: As a secretary you are responsible for all external communication. This means for example social media posts, but also the Risk Website and the Risk Magazine. Besides, you are responsible for all contact with Risk Alumni and organizing the alumni activities. Finally, as a secretary you work together with almost all board members, which means that you are always aware of what everyone is busy with. All board members guide some of the committees, and this year I guided the Risk Investment Team Junior, which was really fun to do!

Bernhard: The main task for a treasurer is having the financial overview of the student association. It is important that you pay the bills on time, send invoices to companies and manage which expenses are not possible in our budget. Besides my own tasks I also keep in touch with the committees’ treasurers about what their budget is and how that is going. The most I like about being treasurer is figuring out what is possible and what is not feasible for the study association.

Sounds interesting, but how do you combine it with your social life?

Demi: It is true that a board year is full time and together with the social activities it definitely is a busy year. However, I found that if you plan your social life well, this really doesn't have to be a problem! Besides, it is also really an opportunity to expand your social life, as I met a lot of new people this year.

Bernhard: Honestly, it is not that difficult for me. You have your weekends off, where you can do your own things. In addition, we have a board evening on Mondays, but besides that you have time to see your other friends, roommates or to sport on other evenings.

In the coming months the candidate board will start and in March you will finish your board year, what is in store for you?

Demi: I will continue with my masters by following the final courses the coming months. This summer I am planning to enjoy a good rest and in September I will start writing my thesis. You will also definitely still see me at the Risk Socials while I'm in Groningen!

Bernhard: I would like to finish my Master in the following year and then in February do an Master Thesis Internship at a company. Moreover, this summer I would like to travel a month to somewhere outside Europe and go on holidays with some friends.