The ABN AMRO Corporate and Institutional Banking Talent Programme

Want to kick off your career in the financial world? The ABN AMRO Corporate and Institutional Banking Talent Programme might just be the perfect springboard for you. This in-depth programme consists out of 5 different tracks and will prepare you for a role at ABN AMRO Corporate and Institutional Banking. Curious? Read here about the experiences of three trainees.  

Martin, Corporate Finance trainee

Ever since my Bachelor’s degree, the world of Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) greatly interested me. However, I was also strongly intrigued by Investment Banking in a broader context. This was an important trigger to pursue the Corporate Finance Talent Program which allows me to combine the best of both worlds. The program’s duration of 36 months allows you to lay the foundations of your career in M&A. However, it is much more than that and offers a unique experience in other parts of corporate banking as well. During the program you will complete several rotations with various sector teams within the M&A department, but also with other – strongly complementing – product teams within the Corporate Bank such as Equity Capital Markets or Leveraged Finance. This is a great way of expanding your social network within the bank and strengthening your overall corporate banking experience, whilst remaining very close to your core interest (M&A). In addition, ABN AMRO offers a very progressive and entrepreneurial environment on the foundations of a strong and interesting legacy. This, combined with the large pool of experience the bank has to offer and its extensive client base, ABN AMRO is a great steppingstone to start your career.

Anne, Structured Finance & Portfolio Management trainee

To be honest, I was always in doubt as to what career path I wanted to take after my studies. All I knew was that I was looking for a job that was finance related, analytically challenging, commercial/client-focuses, provided international opportunities, and involved a social team. After participating in several business courses and having coffee with people from all over the financial sector, I finally talked to someone who told me about Structured Finance. During my Master’s in Finance we mainly focussed on Asset Management and Corporate Finance, even though Structured Finance (or lending) is probably the most important service offered by banks to the corporate world. The teams within Structured Finance & Portfolio Management (“SF&PM”) advise on and implement complex financing structures for Large Corporates. These financings ask for very specific and tailor-made banking products supported with commercial and strategic business insight. No deal or structure is the same and the puzzle must be perfectly solved every time. At the same time ABN AMRO feels responsible to play a role in the global energy transition and our SF&PM team is a frontrunner in structuring sustainability-linked loans to incentivise our clients to move into a more sustainable era. The Corporate Banking Graduate Programme for SF&PM has given me the opportunity to develop myself within a broad spectrum of specialties at ABN AMRO, such as Leveraged Finance, Capital Structuring & Advisory, M&A, Loan Markets Origination and a 6 month rotation at our Singapore office. I work in an environment where the learning curve is steep and where I can contribute to a team that amplifies each other’s strengths, but also where having fun and social activities are of great value.

Marc, Global Markets trainee

First of all, I’d like to start by saying that I would not be in the position I am now if it wasn’t for Risk. The opportunity to meet different companies at various events and the ability to develop my skillset and organizational experience through several committees helped me a great deal in finding the dynamic and exhilarating job I have today. As a Finance student I discovered that I was irretrievably and indisputably intrigued by financial markets, more than any other Finance subject. The fact that every tiny piece of information anywhere in the world can influence market behaviour and hence, decisions people and companies make was and remains enchanting. Still, after setting my mind on working in financial markets, I realized there are many options left. For example, you can trade stocks, structure derivatives, do quantitative analysis, advice clients on bond issuances or conduct in-depth company research. However, given that the day-to-day activities are difficult to judge as an outsider I was not entirely sure which aspect would suit me best. Luckily, Global Markets within ABN AMRO has all of the above and more. The talent programme gives the opportunity to join six different teams of your choice within the energetic environment of the dealing room and exactly that is what attracted me most about this particular programme. Now looking back at the past year that I have been part of the Global Markets programme, I can only try to describe the steep learning curves, the amazing culture and the mesmerizing atmosphere. It is better to just experience it yourself!


Confident that your professional future lies with ABN AMRO Corporate and Institutional Banking? Read here more about the programme and check here if the vacancies are open. The Corporate and Institutional Banking Talent Programme takes on a new class of trainees twice a year, in March and in September. 

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